FCE: books to improve ‘Use of English”

FCE: books to improve ‘Use of English” So, you want to pass the FCE, but you feel you need to have more practice of grammar and vocabulary. I chose for you a set of six books that will help you to do exactly that.

Do you want to practise transformations – check here.

Here is a list of 6 books that will help you improve ‘Use of English”:

Number one: FCE – Use of English by Virginia Evans

Number two: Destination B2: grammar and vocabulary by M. Mann and S. Taylore-Knowles

Number three: First Certificate – Language Practice by M. Vince

Number four: First Certificate Skills – Use of English by M. Harrison

Number five: First Certificate Organiser by J. Flower

Number six: Test your vocabulary for FCE by R. Wyatt

Books that will help you improve your ‘use of English”

As you can see all those books basically cover the same aspects, like word formation, paraphrases, multiple choice tasks, prepositions tasks and phrasal verbs. They may vary a bit in the amount of exercises they offer on different types of tasks and some “extras” like word lists or word formation rules or glossaries.

If you already know that some part of the “Use of English’ is more problematic for you, like for example ‘paraphrases’ choose a book that provides more exercises on this matter.

If you are only willing to choose one book, I guess my first choice would be the one written by Virginia Evans. Though, it does not really cover vocabulary, it provides a thorough revision of grammar and a lot of different types of exercises. This is also a good option for people struggling with paraphrases.

If transformations are your weak spot another book well-worth checking is ‘First Certificate Skills’. It offers a functional approach to grammar and a good range of paraphrases tasks.

For those of you that have trouble with prepositions, phrasal verbs and word formation I recommend ‘First Certificate Organiser’. The layout is not appealing, but you will find substantial amout of exercises. It is not a good choice if you have problems with transformations.

People who need to build up their vocabulary base should choose ‘Test your vocabulary for FCE’ or ‘First Certificate: Language Pratice’. They offer a good dosage of thematically organised vocab, but not only.

Personally, I would use at least two or three different books when preparing for the ‘Use of English” part. By doing so, you will minimise the risk of missing something important and you will get a greater variety of tasks.



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