FCE-speaking-part 3&4 ❬set 2❭

FCE-speaking-part 3&4. This is an example of tasks that you will come across in the third and fourth part of the speaking part of the FCE exam.

FCE-speaking-part 3&4:

Press the download button below and get the test. Practise at home or use it in the classroom.

SpeakingPart 3 – Instruction:

Now, I’d like you to talk about something together for about two minutes.
I’d like you to imagine that your school won a competition. I would like you to discuss and decide what is the best way of spending money. Here are some ideas for things to discuss. You can decide on two things. First you have some time to look at the task (15 seconds).
Now talk to each other about how to spend money. (2 minutes)
Now you have a minute to decide which two things not to include
in the brochure. (1 minute)

Speaking Part 4 – Answer the questions:

  1. Should computers be used more at schools? Why? Why not?
  2. Do you think that computers can replace teachers? When do you think it will happen?
  3. How important is Physical Education at schools?
  4. What is more effective – traditional teaching methods or modern methods like using technology?
  5. How can students be encouraged to read more books?

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