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For and against essay. Do you want to know how to write ‘for and against’ essay? This post will help you to do that. Below you will find characteristics of this type of essay, along with some tips on writing and an exemplary text.

Characteristics of ‘for and against’ essay.

type of essay for and against
style formal
description Author presents advantages and disadvantages of certain idea, question, solution and supports it with arguments and examples
construction 1) introduction – description of the topic
2) main body – you present arguments for and against in two separate paragraphs
3) conclusions – in the last paragraph you can either present your own opinion on the matter or give moderate summary of presented arguments
tips – start with creating a table with the arguments for and against
– decide how you are going to support your arguments
– think about appropriate vocabulary and expressions (do not repeat the same words)
– don’t use informal language (avoid short forms and colloquial language)
– try to come up with a right quote
– arguments should be longer than just one sentence
-each paragraph should start with a topic sentence (a sentence that sums up what the paragraph is about)
– read again and check if it makes sense
– make sure there are no mistakes

How to write ‘for and against’ essay:

Topic: Advantages and disadvantages of genetic engeneering

Step I – create a list of arguments for and against, think how to support them

Step 2 decide what expression you are going to use e.g.:

cutting edge technology




Step 3 – write the text

Step 4 – if you notice that some words keep repeating try to use synonyms ( Be careful! – not every synonym can be used in the same context; it is sometimes better to repeat a word than to make a mistake)

Synonyms used in the text:

change -alter, modify

child/en -prodigy, offspring

get -obtain,

create – design

physical features – physical attributes

wealthy people – the rich

people – human beings

a range of – an array of

award – grant

perfect – ideal, best possible

possibility – chance

increase – enlarge

development – advancement

cure – treat

Step 5 – read the text and correct mistakes.

Step 6 – you have a ready essay

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