duolingo review

Duolingo review. Read the duolingo review of one of the most popular learning apps for learning English and find out if it is an app for you.

Duolingo review

Duolingo is an application that is based on the translation grammar method, which basically means that we learn by translating sentences. Attractive layout of the site and quite varied exercises make this rather old fashioned method much more pleasant.


Most of the existing applications offer us only vocabulary learning and often without context. In case of duolino words are served in a context from the very beginning. This app teaches us both vocabulary and grammar. What is more, grammar is taught „painlessly”, we acquire it without having to cram rules – we learn structures by getting to know a lot of examples. This option might appeal to those of you who are not especially keen on grammar. On the other hand, lovers of clear rules will find sections with all the necessary things explained. One of the main advantages of this app is the fact, that it is completly free. After signing up we have full access to everything that is offered on the site. Another benefit is the fact that it was created by professionals. Learning is organized in a chronological order – we go from learning single words to learning expressions and whole sentences, from translating from English to our language to translating from our language to English etc. Vocabulary is divided into thematic groups and to make it even better we barely notice that we are learning grammar. Duo was also equipped with listening and pronunciation exercises (the latter is a rarity among apps). All this makes it prevail over community based apps, which are often lack systematic organization. The system of repetitions is also a positive aspect of this site. Words that were taught in one chapter appear again in the following chapters, which stops us from quickly forgetting them. Finally, for those of you who like a bit of competition duo offers the possibility of collecting points, which can be used to win weekly challenges – after joining a group you are able to compete with other learners. This scheme will surely boost your motivation.


The biggest disadvantage of this app is the fact, that it offers only basic and lower intermediate level. If you are a more advanced student, there is little for you here. The next drawback is connected with the grammar translation method. Due to the fact that the application is based on it, we can sometimes come across sentences, which look as if they have been taken out of Noam Chomsky’s books, for example „ He is eating a bear” or „Bears are vegetarians”. Theoretically speaking, they are possible, but neither logical nor useful. On the other hand, they do not hinder learning, I would rather say they are a form of comic relief. Another negative aspect of this app are ads – if we are not willing to support duo financially we have to put up with them. Nevertheless, it is a small price to pay for all the goods we are offered. Last but not least, this app was made based on a pattern, so after a while it becomes repetitive and a little bit boring. I guess it can be said about almost any learning app.


I can recommend this app to beginner and lower intermediate students or those willing to thouroughly revise the basics. It will also work well for people who don’t like learning grammatical rules. If you are an advanced student look for learning tools somewhere else. All in all, since it is gratis, it is at least worth giving it a try!

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