first conditional – use & construction

First conditional – use & construction. In this lesson you will find information about how to form and when to use first conditional. Analyze the theory and then practise with the exercises online.

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First conditional – use & construction

Construction of first conditional:


COnstruction of the first conditional:

When do we use the 1st conditional?:

  • to express true or likely situations in the present or future

Other expressions:

  • unless (if not)
  • as long as
  • as soon as
  • only if
  • in case
  • providing (that)
  • supposing (that)


  1. I won’t help you unless you promise not to tell anyone.
  2. As soon as you stop working, call me.
  3. Take some cash, in case you lose your credit card.
  4. Providing that he answers, what will you say?
  5. Supposing you get a pay raise, what will you do with extra money?
  6. I will help him with homework, only if he comes here.
  7. He will come to the party as long as Anna is invited.
  8. Unless he studies hard, he won’t pass the exam.

Practice first conditional online:

Learn the grammar rules and then do the online exercises to check yourself.

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