Second conditional – use & construction

Second conditional – use & construction. Learn how to form and when to use zero conditional. Analyze the material from the lesson and then do the online exercises to revise the second conditional.

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Second conditional – use & construction


*Notice that ‘if’ is never used in the main clause.

When do we use second conditional?:

  • to talk about present or future
  • to describe unrealistic or hypothetical situation


  1. What would you do, if you won a lot of money?
  2. If I had a car, I could move around faster.
  3. If I was younger, I would go to South America.
  4. If I earned more, I could afford to buy an apartment.

Other expressions :

  • only if
  • in case
  • providing (that)
  • supposing (that)
  • unless (if not)


  1. Supposing you were rich, how would you spend your money?
  2. I would move abroad provided that I could get a good job.
  3. I wouldn’t do it, unless they paid me well.
  4. Only if I worked in a corporation, could I afford such a car.
  5. He took out some money, in case he couldn’t pay by card.

Practise second conditional online:

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