third conditional – use & construction

Third conditional – use & construction . In this post you can find information about how to form and when to use third conditional. Learn the theory from this lesson, analyze the examples and the do the online exercises at the bottom of the site.

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Third conditional – use & construction

Construction of third conditional:

When do we use third conditional?

  • to talk about past regrets
  • to talk about impossible past conditions (we can’t change past)


  • If she hadn’t gone to the party, she wouldn’t have met Tom (She went there and met Tom)
  • If I had taken that job, I would have moved to Finland. (I didn’t take the job and didn’t have to move)
  • If I had learnt more, I would have passed the final exam. (I didn’t learn and didn’t pass the final exam).

Other expressions:

  • only if
  • providing (that)
  • supposing (that)


  • Supposing I hadn’t broken the leg, I could have gone to the sports camp. (I broke me leg and couldn’t go)
  • Providing they had offered you the job, would you have taken it? (They didn’t offer me the job)

Practise online:

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