zero conditional – use & construction

Zero conditional – use & construction . In this post you will learn how to form and when to use zero conditional. At the bottom of the site you will see links to the online exercises to help you revise the things you have learnt in this lesson

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Zero conditionaluse & construction


If you don’t remember how to form present simple check it here:

When do we use it?

Use 1 :

  • to talk about situations/conditions that are always true


  1. If the temperature drops below zero, water freezes.
  2. Plants die, if they don’t get water.
  3. If you train regulary you get more fit.
  4. If you eat just a 1000 calories per day, you lose weight quickly.
  5. If the temperature drops below zero, water turns into ice.

Use 2:

  • to talk about something that is true for us


  1. I get angry, if I don’t sleep long enough.
  2. If I train every day, I feel much better.
  3. I am really stressed if I have to speak in front of a big group of people.

Practise online:

Learn the theory from this lesson and then do the online exercises to check yourself.

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