wild animals in English

Wild animals in English. Basic English vocabulary concerning animals. Learn the words used to name wild animals. You can practise by doing the exercises at the bottom of the site.

Learn and practise ‘farm animals in English” – here.

Wild animals in English:

a lion
a tiger
a crocodile
a giraffe
a snake
a monkey
a gorilla
a zebra
a bear
a wolf
a fox
a deer
a cheetah
an elephant
a rhino
a kangaroo
a hippo
a camel
a moose
a reindeer
a penguin
an ostrich

Exercise 1. Give examples.

Name animals that ………

  1. live in the forest
  2. live in the jungle
  3. live in the desert
  4. have a beak
  5. have stripes
  6. have dots
  7. have fur
  8. have antlers

Answer key:

Exercise 1.

Name animals that ………

  1. live in the forest – a fox, a deer
  2. live in the jungle – a moneky, a gorilla
  3. live in the desert – a camel
  4. have a beak – a penguin
  5. have stripes – a tiger, a zebra
  6. have dots – a cheetah, a giraffe
  7. have fur – a bear, a tiger
  8. have antlers – a reindeer, a deer, a moose

Practise online:

Learn the words from this lesson and then do the online exercises to check how much you have remembered.




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