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Exemplary essay in English:

Advantages and disadvantages of genetic engeneering

We live in the era of cutting edge technologies. Things that seemed impossible not so long ago, nowadays are within our reach. All thanks to the development in different branches of science such as genetic engineering. We can change and better not only things that surround us (plants, animals), but also ourselves – human beings. But is it all so good an idea?

One major advantage of being able to interfere with genes is a chance to modify edible plants. As a result, we are able to get species that are disease-free and are more resistant to enviromental factors (wind, cold etc.). Also, we obtain plants that are more efficient and therefore, bear more fruit. Thus, they are more profitable to food manufacturers. More fruit means reducing famine and malnutrition in the third world countries. A further advantage is the possibility to modify human genes. First of all, it awards us the chance to alter flawed genes and prevent or treat incurable diseases and consequently free our life of suffering. Another argument in favour is being able to „design” our offspring. We would be able to change a range of physical attributes like sex, eye colour, height, and maybe even personality traits. All this leading to creating the best possible child prodigy. Moreover, we could design our children not only to satisfy our whims but also for the sake of society. For instance, creating people that would be perfect for certain kinds of jobs.

On the other hand, sceptics point out that modifyng genes, whether human or plant can cause unpredictable consequenes. We may end up creating toxic food or crippled, mutilated human beings. An additional drawback is the fact that gene modification would be only accessibe to wealthy people. This could enlarge the gap between the poor and the rich, as the latter would become more and more beautiful and intelligent. From the moral point of view people may argue if altering humans is morally justifiable. Critics may say that we are taking over the role, that is not ours, the role of God. Furthermore, as we all strive for perfection e.g. ideal body, if we were able to change physical features, we would all become clone-like. Where is the place left for some idiosyncrasies, some distinguishing features like moles or birthmarks. Although not so pretty, those are the things that make us unique.

All things considered, genetic engineering grants us a whole new array of possibilities, like modifyng genes to cure diseases or to increase amount of food. However, when using advancements of technology we should not be tempted to assume the role of God and alter the things that should be left untouched, namely – human beings.

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