linking words in English

Linking words in English. In this post you will find a whole lot of linking words that you can use to enhance your writing. Using linking words will not only make your text more clear and easy to ready, but also it will make it more impressive.

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Linking words in English:

Listing arguments:
Firstly; first of all; To start with; In the first place
Finally; last but not least

Adding more arguments on the same topic:
What is more; Furthermore
In addition
Besides; Apart from this/that
Not to mention the fact

Opposite arguments:
On the other hand
In spite of; despite,
even though

Giving examples:
For example
For instance
Such as

Expressing your opinion:
I think; I believe
In my opinion
In my view
In my mind
I personally believe that
As far as I am concerned

Conclusions / Ending
To sum up
All in all
In conclusion
On the whole
Taking everything into account
All things considered

Practise online:

Learn the expressions from this lesson and then practise them online to check how much you have remembered.


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