difference between ‘yet’ and ‘already’

Difference between ‘yet’ and ‘already’. Both, ‘yet’ and ‘already’ have the same meaning. So, is there any difference between them? Read the post and find out.

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Difference between ‘yet’ and ‘already’:


it is used in positive/affirmative sentences

She has already done he homework.

They have already cleaned the house.

I have already been at the post office.


it is used in negative sentences and questions

Has he finished his lessons yet?

Has she called him yet?

They haven’t gone on holidays yet.

She hasn’t written the letter yet.


Take note of the position of the adverbs in a sentence.

“Already” is placed before the main verb and “yet” is placed at the end of a sentence

Exercise 1. Make sentences using the “to do list” – use yet or already.

To do list:

Call Sally v
Respond to GMN enterprise
Check e-mails v
Order office materials
Fix a meeting with Sam v
Pay for insurance

Exercise 2. Make 6 sentences using already or yet. Think about your day and things you’ve already done or havent’t done yet. Post a comment.

np. I have already walked the dog.

I haven’t cooked dinner yet.

Practise online:

Do the exercises below to make sure you understood the lesson.




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