animal body parts

Animal body parts. Learn and practise animal body pats in English. Analyse the lesson and do the online exercise at the bottof of the site.

Learn the names of insects in English – go here.

Animals body parts:

a tail
a paw
a fur
a claw
snout, muzzle
hoof /hooves
Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania wings
a fin
a trunk
a mane
a shell

Exercise 1. Give examples.

Give examples of animals that have….

  1. paws
  2. hooves
  3. tentacles
  4. tusks
  5. a mane
  6. antennas
  7. scales
  8. whiskers
  9. antlers
  10. gills
  11. a tail

Answer key:

Exercise 1. Give examples of animals that have….

  1. paws – a dog, a cat, a tiger, a bear, a cheetah, a bearcat
  2. hooves – a zebra, a bull, an antelope, a horse, a cow
  3. tentacles – an octopus
  4. tusks- an elephant
  5. a mane – a horse, a ponny
  6. antennas- a bug, a lady bird, an ant
  7. scales – a fish, a snake
  8. whiskers – a cat, a tiger, a puma, a lynx
  9. antlers – a deer, a reindeer, an elk
  10. gills – a fish, a shark, a killer whale
  11. a tail – a dog, a cat, a horse, a tiger, a cheetah

Practise online:

Learn the vocabulary from this lesson and then do the online exercises to check how much you have remembered.

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