vocabulary: describing food

Vocabulary: describing food. Learn adjectives for describing food taste in English. Then, do specially designed exercises to practise the words.

Do you like cooking? Learn some English words for spices – here.

Vocabulary: describing food

sweet bitter
salty bland
fresh stale
raw cooked
undercooked overcooked
tasty untasty
spicy/ hot mild
heavy light
edible inedible

Exercise 1. Give examples.

  1. Give examples of food that is …..
  1. sour
  2. spicy
  3. bitter
  4. inedible
  5. heavy
  6. sweet
  7. light

2)Which things can be eaten raw and which must be eaten cooked?

Answer key

Exercise 1.

1.Give examples of food that is …..

  1. sour – a lemon, a grapefruit, a quince, black currant, red currant
  2. spicy – a vindaloo, a chilli pepper, curry
  3. bitter -cinamon, a quince, dark chocolate
  4. inedible – some mushrooms
  5. heavy – fries, chips, red meat, a hamburger, fast food, cream
  6. sweet – milk chocolate, sweets, sugar, chocolate bars
  7. light – lettuce, raw vegetables, fruit, yoghurt

2.Which things can be eaten raw and which must be eaten cooked?

raw – carrots, lettuce, apples, oranges, cauliflowers, tomatoes, cucumbers, pepper, kiwi

cooked – potatoes, beans,chicken, beef, pork, pasta, rice, courgette

Practise vocabulary online:

Learn the words and do the online exercises to check how much you have remembered from the lesson.


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