vocabulary: sport equipment

Vocabulary: sport equipment. Learn and practise vocabulary connected with sport and sport equipment. Check the lesson and then do the exercises at the bottom of the site.

Go here and learn the names of 43 sport disciplines.

Sport equipment in English:

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania piłka
a ball
a tennis raquet
a shuttlecock
a tennis bat
a baseball bat
a relay baton
Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania golf club
a golf club
a harness
a rope
a carabiner
a parachute
a net
a bow
an arrow
ski poles
a helmet
knee pads
boxing gloves
a punch bag
Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania skates
a puck
a javelin
a discus
a hammer
a pole

Exercise 1. Answer the questions.

What equipment do you use when you……?

  1. go skiing
  2. climb
  3. play table tennis
  4. do boxing
  5. play badminton
  6. do archery

Exercise 2. Name the equipment you can see in the pictures.

Exercise 3. Give examples of sports that use the following equipment.

  1. a ball
  2. skates
  3. a harness
  4. a racquet
  5. a shuttlecock
  6. a bat

Answer key:

Exercise 1.

  1. go skiing – ski poles, skis
  2. climb – a harness, a rope
  3. play table tennis – a tennis bat
  4. do boxing – boxing gloves
  5. play badminton – a shuttlecock, a badminton raquet
  6. do archery – arrows, a bow

Exercise 2

  1. a ball – football, volleyball
  2. skates – ice skating
  3. a harness – climbing
  4. a raquet – tennis
  5. a shuttlecock – badminton
  6. a bat – table tennis, baseball

Practise vocabulary online:

Do the online exercises and check how much you have remembered.



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