Future simple tense

Future simple tense – construction and use. Learn and practise future simple tense. You will find out how to form and when tu use this future tense.

Learn another English construction used to express the future – ‘to be going to’.

Future simple tense – construction and use.

Construction of future simple

affirmative negative questions
I I will talk I will not/won’t talk. Will I talk?
you You will talk You will not/won’t talk. Will you talk?
he He will talk He will not/won’t talk. Will he talk?
she She will talk She will not/won’t talk. Will she talk?
it It will talk It will not/won’t talk. Will it talk?
we We will talk We will not/won’t talk. Will we talk
you You will talk You will not/won’t talk. Will you talk?
they They will talk They will not/won’t talk. Will they talk?

When do we use it ?

Use 1
to express spontaneous decisions
I will call Susan.
I will clean the house now.
Use 2
to talk about things that we do not have influence on
He will be 37 next month.
She will have a baby next week.
Use 3
when we aren’t sure if we will do something or not or if sth will happen
Perhaps I will move abroad.
Perhabs I will chnage jobs.
Use 4
to express hopes, fears, promises, predictions, threats – with the following expressions: think, expect, hope, believe, I am sure, I am afraid, probably
I hope she will change her mind.
I don’t think it will work.

Typical words:



next week, year

in two/three days/weeks/years

the day after tomorrow

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