listening – my last holidays (A2/B1)

Listening – my last holidays (A2/B1). Develop your listening skills in English – listen to a video about last holidays and do the listening task.

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Listening – my last holidays (A2/B1):

Here is a video with an interview about Linda’s last holidays. It will help you practice your listening skills and the understanding of past simple tense. You will find the answers to the listening task at the bottm of the site.

Exercise 1. Answer the questions about woman’s last holidays. Then using your answers write a short text about her last holidays. Post it in commentaries.

Listening – questions:

1)Where did she spend her last holidays?

2)How was her holidays?

3) How long was her holiday?

4) What did she do in the South?

5) What did she do in the North?

6)Who did she go with?

7)Who did she meet along the way?

8)Did she take a guide?

9)How much did they spend?

10)Where did she stay?

11)What did she eat?

Vocabulary from the listening:

diverse – different, not the same

to go hiking – walk in the mountains

scenery – landscape

a tour guide – a person that shows you around i exchange for money

a cash machine – an ATM, you take out mane from it

accomodation – a place where you stay/sleep e.g. a hotel or a hostel

delicious – very tasty

fresh ingredients – fresh products, fresh food

to get sick – be ill


  1. She was in Vietnam
  2. It was fantastic.
  3. It was three weeks.
  4. She went to the beach, swam in the ocean.
  5. She was in the mountains.
  6. She went with her friends.
  7. She met farmers.
  8. Yes, she did.
  9. She spent 1500 plus transportation.
  10. She stayed in hostels and cheap hotels
  11. She ate fresh food, salads

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