listening – the Asch experiment

Listening – the Asch experiment. Practise listening skills at upper-intermediate level. In this post you will find a video, together with a listening task.

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Listening – the Asch experiment

Here is a short video about one of the most famous experiments in the history of psychology – the Asch experiment.

Before you start listening check some vocabulary.

Vocabulary from the listening:

take part in – to participate

a participant – a person taking part in a competition, an experiment, a test

conformity – adapting / adjusting to the group / to some rules

conform to the group – adapt to the group, do the same as the others

go along with – to agree with somebody, follow, and behave the same

Listening task. Watch the video about the Asch experiment and answer the questions from the table. You will find the answers below.

How many participants were there in the experiment?

What was the aim of the experiment?

What was the instruction for the participant?

What was the role of actors?

Why do we conform to the rules?


  1. only one participant
  2. to show how group conformity works
  3. to indicate which line is equal in length / is the same
  4. actors were supposed to give the wrong answers
  5. we are social creatures and we want to be liked

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